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To stand out in a crowded market place, your business has to have a unique voice.  That voice has to be distinct, cohesive, and communicate the same message visually and verbally across a multitude of media.

Let me help you find your voice!


I am fortunate to get to work in a lot of different media and formats.


I am just as comfortable working on large scale event designs, as I am working on personalized handmade invitations; traditional printed media as with web and social media; and large mass direct mailing as one-off designs.


Scroll through & click on the images below, or clink on the links on the right to see samples of my work.

For skill set click here.

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Logo creation, website development, designing of marketing collateral, packaging, advertising, or adding a social media presence - it all comes down to brand management and strategy. A cohesive brand is vital for market recognition.

As the owner of the boutique design shop Anette Nam Design, I combine that brand-centered strategic thinking with the experience to take any design project from start to finish.

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For a detailed CV, go to my LinkedIn page.
For services offered & applications knowledge, click here.


My current client-base is very diverse. I have the distinct pleasure of working with national brands and local businesses; advertising agencies and mom-and-pop shops; food manufacturers and comic book artists.


The variety of work and projects make for new and exciting opportunities every day.

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QUESTIONS?  drop me a line!

Some businesses are in need of complete redesign of their collateral.  Some simply need help figuring out the best way of nudging their vision into a more cohesive brand.  Others have a great plan, and just need additional help implementing it.


Drop me a line!  Together we'll make a plan for your business.

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You can also connect with me on the following social media venues:

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